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Bathroom Interior Design Ideas with Waterproof Panels

Bathroom interior design featuring SlatWall Waterproof Natural oak and Black behind a white bathtub.

A beautiful bathroom is the easiest way to elevate your everyday routine. After all, it's where you get ready in the morning and unwind at night, so its design deserves consideration from practical and aesthetic perspectives.

Whether you're the 'quick rinse and go' or the 'two-hour soak' type, your bathroom should suit your lifestyle. Love an energizing shower in the morning? Focus on creating a space that awakens the senses with details such as in-shower speakers and ambient lighting. Obsessed with skincare? Ensure you have plenty of storage for products and a strategically placed mirror to try them out.

From small shower rooms to hotel-worthy ensuites, bathrooms of all shapes and sizes can be turned into a personal spa-like sanctuary. And there's one product we recommend for bringing your idea to life…



A large round mirror and two lights on a wall featuring SlatWall Waterproof Natural Oak and Black, above a white sink.
Image source: @renovation_at.10



For an easy bathroom transformation, look to SlatWall Waterproof. Whether you're planning a complete renovation or a minor refresh, our waterproof wall panels are a simple – not to mention striking – way to make your room feel fresh and modern. Each SlatWall Waterproof colorway boasts a wood-effect finish, allowing you to introduce a nature-inspired look to the space. This will help to promote a calming ambience – natural elements work well in washrooms because the textures and tones evoke a sense of serenity. Additionally, our shades boast an inviting warmth that complements a range of interior themes, including contemporary style and Scandinavian minimalism.

Functionality is also hugely important in your bathroom design. That's why we've made SlatWall Waterproof low maintenance. As well as being straightforward to install, it has a wipeable finish for easy cleaning, ensuring you can keep your panels looking their best.

Find inspiration for your SlatWall Waterproof bathroom design with these ideas below.





Left: Walnut panels in small bathroom, above white sink and round mirror. Right: Tiny bathroom with waterproof wall panels.
Image sources: @ferncottagerenovation and



Modern design ideas for small bathrooms

With their tiny nooks and narrow surfaces, small bathrooms offer plenty of opportunities to get creative with SlatWall Waterproof. Its 3D structure adds dimension to sinks, showers and everywhere in between. Go all-out with a whole feature wall or opt for subtlety and use it to zone an area. Either way, it will introduce depth and texture while staying true to your design scheme.

For an unexpected flourish – which can also create the illusion of elongating smaller rooms – continue your paneling onto the ceiling. The panels' linear format pairs perfectly with LED strip lights if you want to take your design up a notch. An oversized, minimalist mirror will also give the impression of a larger area – position it near a window to maximize reflection for a bright and airy feel.

Lastly, add luxe touches by teaming your waterproof panels with other natural finishes; the wood-like appearance goes beautifully with marble, terrazzo and metal.


Left: large bathroom wall with Natural Oak panels, white basin and round mirror. Right: free-standing bathtub next to the wall in the same bathroom.
Image source: @talltrees.and.scandidreams



Luxurious design ideas for large bathrooms

Create your own oasis to relax in at home with SlatWall Waterproof. This paneling is a fantastic choice for walls in direct contact with water. Its slatted structure provides a streamlined, tactile backdrop for focal fixtures. Plus, its warm wood effect conjures the calming tranquility of a rejuvenating retreat.

Soften SlatWall Waterproof's linear format by including curved silhouettes in the room. You can achieve this with rounded fittings and accessories like circular mirrors and bowl-shaped basins. In shared bathrooms, double sinks will take your space to the next level. Synonymous with hotel-luxe style, a free-standing bathtub or a wet room featuring a rainfall shower (or both!) will complete your show-stopping design.

Our top styling tips? Include moisture-loving house plants and organic textures – think baskets woven from raffia and a wooden bath rack. Keep essential oils and scented candles at hand to complete the indulgent atmosphere. This multi-sensory approach, fusing practicality, style and comfort, results in a truly luxurious experience. Hello, home spa!