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2024 Interior Design Trends

Brown living room featuring wood SlatWall panels, a brown leather chair, white coffee table, books, candles and green flowers.

As 2023 ends, there's no better time to research 2024's interior design trends so you can start planning next year's projects. Naturewall's resident designer and interior stylist, Olivia Crosher, is here to share her expertise on what the next 12 months have in store – from the key colours and materials to the aesthetics we'll all lust after. So, if creating a beautiful, trend-led space is one of your goals for the year ahead, read on for her expert advice.

Victorian Influence

Parisian and Victorian-style media wall with SlatWall and ornate shaker-style panelling, green vases and white cabinets.
Image source: @minimalinteriordesigns

There's an incomparable elegance to period features, so it's no wonder this year has seen a surge in the popularity of shaker-style paneling. Synonymous with Victoriana, the look is set to have its moment in the spotlight as we enter the new year, especially as the desire for timeless interiors offering longevity increases.

In Olivia's words: 'Details seen in Victorian interiors and architecture will influence next year. We've already seen paneling becoming popular in 2023, with the ornate details to pick up more traction in 2024.'

These details also add some je ne sais quoi, as she explains, 'Decorative wood paneling and moldings are also reminiscent of Parisian design, creating huge interest in homes. They add depth and texture to spaces with their intricate designs, instantly elevating an interior.'

Additionally, 2024 will be the year of bringing together influences from different eras. 'The mixing of new and old will be an extension of this trend. We'll see people leaning into creating their own style by pairing modern, unusual furniture and patterns with the traditional backdrop of paneling to create a unique look.'

Unusual and Textural

Living room with white textured CorkWall tiles, black reeded fireplace, white candles, cream chair and black marble tables.'2024 will be the year of exploring textured wallcoverings that go beyond flat wallpaper,' says Olivia. 'Texture will always be a key interior feature for adding depth and interest to a space, which is particularly important for creating a warm and welcoming home. Materials such as rattan, silk and wool mixes are being seen on walls to elevate interiors one step further, drenching full rooms in the material.'

This tactile trend emphasizes style and substance, in line with the continuous demand for conscious interiors. Our stylist continues, 'More attention will be paid to materials due to the ever-increasing importance of sustainability and where they come from. For this reason, we'll see more innovative products that use recyclability and bespoke made-to-order options as selling points.'

Artisanal Pieces

Brown slat wood panelling behind abstract wall art and a console table with books, a candle, decorative chain and white lamp.

A renewed appreciation for artisanship will underpin interior design, supporting the need for sustainable solutions and the desire for bespoke pieces that give interiors unique character. Olivia says, 'Craftsmanship will be favored in 2024, with people investing in wallcoverings and pieces that have been made by specialists and built to last. The human touch that creates exceptional design is a talking point and will give the wow factor by having a focal point in a room. These standout pieces are also a more sustainable option to fast-fashion pieces, with many people buying them second hand.'

Focusing on craftsmanship helps you curate a scheme that reflects your personality. 'Sculptural wall art will be used to create statements in a home, as people start moving away from "cookie-cutter" schemes and put more of what they like in their spaces to make them more personal,' our stylist explains. 'Ornate wood wall paneling also falls into this trend, creating an elevated look that goes beyond average walls. This will instantly give an elevated and luxurious feel to a home.'

Earthy Colors and Textures

Interior design mood board of earthy tones featuring walnut SlatWall panel, beige cork, brown leather and black & red fabric.

Nature-inspired interiors gained traction in 2023, and the aesthetic shows no signs of slowing down for 2024. 'Textures and colors inspired by nature will still stand strong as the frontrunner for 2024 trends due to their calming effect, which helps create a safe haven in our homes.'

However, it's not only grounding browns and mellow yellows you can use to connect with the outside when inside. Olivia predicts we'll also be reaching for vivid shades: 'Pinks, reds, greens and blues all bring a sense of the outdoors in and can be tailored to individual tastes, moving away from neutrals and beige for those wanting to introduce color. Take this trend one step further by bringing in natural materials such as wood and greenery to create an instant connection to nature, which has been proven to have health benefits.'

This trend is perfect if you want to take a 'more is more' approach. To do this, Olivia suggests 'maximizing impact by adding color and texture to all walls, and bringing in pops of color through furniture and accessories.' And if your taste aligns with the 'less is more' ethos, this trend is also for you. 'For those wanting a more minimalist feel, bring in subtle natural references through accessories such as wall art, vases and plants.'

Quiet Luxury

Minimalist staircase with SlatWall Walnut panels, white walls, beige steps, glass banister and houseplants in black vases.
Image source: @daisywhittakerdesigns

According to Olivia, cancelling plans to spend time at home in a space you love will still be a habit in 2024. And it's all thanks to the rise of quiet luxury. 'With busy lives and current world affairs, people want their homes to be a hotel-like sanctuary, and this trend is perfect for that. Why go out when you can stay in?'

Elevated understatement has taken over the design world during the past 12 months and will continue influencing our stylistic choices in the future. 'This year, we've seen the quiet luxury trend soar in fashion, with no exceptions for interior design. The term "minimaluxe" represents a pared-down palette that strips back the noise by using soft shapes, textures and colors.'

To incorporate the trend in your interiors, Olivia suggests the following: 'Use rounded shapes, soft furnishings, integrated lighting and natural materials to give a light and airy feel that will create an almost spa-like feeling in your home. Evoking similar feelings to Japandi and Wabi-Sabi style, this trend shows minimalism doesn’t have to mean soulless, and proves you can create a luxurious feel without fuss.'

Brown RenaissanceBrown bedroom with SlatWall Deep Walnut panels, a white bed, beige and green cushions, and brown blankets.

Looking back is part of looking forward, which is why you'll see lots of rooms with a retro-inspired flavor over the coming months. 'Rich, brown interiors are set to be hot in 2024. The '70s palette of chocolate browns and silky caramels is making a comeback and have already been replacing the grey trend for the past year. Don’t fret though – this trend certainly doesn’t mean beige. With the luxurious fabrics and depth of color, interiors will give a warm and welcoming hotel-luxe feel.'

Olivia continues, 'These rich browns work as a great neutral to layer with other colors such as warm buttery yellows, terracottas and blues. The key to nailing this trend is by using lots of interesting textures – velvets, rustic wood, glossy paint and textured fabrics to create depth. By mixing in gold tones (another trend for 2024), interiors can be elevated to create a vibrant scheme.'

Goodbye Cookie Cutter

Living room with wood SlatWall panels, a black reeded fireplace, pillar candles, a cream sofa and black marble tables.

2024 will be the year of personality, personality and more personality. Olivia believes, 'Next year, we'll see the continuous movement of trends taking a back seat to people decorating exactly how they want to, focusing on individuality and authenticity. This trend will encourage us to step away from the neutral color palettes we're seeing and go for those bold tones and unique patterns that stand out to us. Equally, it will lead us to invest in artisanal instead of mass-produced pieces that feel more special to us.'

She concludes, 'Design is to be enjoyed, and by being playful, people will introduce character into their homes to create a space they love to spend time in. Tailoring a space to individual style will also help give a home that lived-in feel.'

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