Your Guide to Britain's Best SlatWall

Discover why our fully bonded SlatWall is better than all the rest

How It's Made

Britain's best SlatWall is crafted at our specialist workshop in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Using high-strength adhesive, we bond the entire back length of the slats to the recycled felt, enhancing the stability, durability and longevity of your panelling.

It's the look you love in a more durable panel.

Why It's Britain's Best SlatWall

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Expertly crafted in UK
Fully bonded with high-strength adhesive
Cut however you need
Sturdy and durable
High-quality materials
Natural wood veneer
Smooth, sanded edges
Plastic-free, protective packaging

Loved by Hundreds of Interior Enthusiasts


What's the difference between old and new SlatWall?

The difference is the way the slats are attached to the recycled felt. While we previously stapled them together, we've upgraded our processes to use high-strength adhesive instead.

Why have you changed the staples to adhesive? 

We've made this change based on your feedback. You asked for high-quality, easy-to-install panelling, and we've listened. By swapping out the staples for high-strength adhesive bonding, we've solved all your installation struggles. Now, you can cut SlatWall at any angle without compromising its stability and durability.

Why is this Britain's best SlatWall?

It's Britain's best SlatWall because it's made with your feedback in mind. It's crafted at our UK workshop with premium materials and production processes, ensuring the highest level of quality that other suppliers simply can't match. While they import theirs, we craft, quality check and pack Britain's best SlatWall at our base in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Does the bonding method affect how I install my panels?

Only by making your panels easier to install. The adhesive bonding means the slats are fully secured along the panel's entire length, so you can apply them to walls of all shapes and sizes with the reassurance that no matter where you cut the panelling, it will retain its strength and stability.

How is the quality higher but the price lower?

As the experts in crafting SlatWall, we're dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation. So, we've invested in and streamlined our production processes to bring you the best quality and the best value at the best price. This means we can provide you with premium products at the best possible price.

What if I've purchased SlatWall before the update and want more?

If you wish to extend an existing SlatWall installation, you can do so with confidence. While we've upgraded the bonding method, the panelling's premium materials remain the same. Therefore, our SlatWall panelling offers the same beautiful look and feel in your interiors.

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Why Bonded is Best

Bonded is best because it provides more: it's more stable, durable and adaptable. You can cut it however you need to fit your wall's shape and size. Ultimately, it makes it easier to bring your vision to life, no matter the scale or complexity of your project. It also ensures your SlatWall panelling will retain its acoustic-enhancing structure and beautiful appearance in the long term. It's one of the reasons SlatWall from Naturewall is Britain's best SlatWall.

Quality Beyond Compare

From start to finish, we craft Britain's best SlatWall at our state-of-the-art workshop in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Home to the innovative machinery and expert craftspeople at the heart of our production process, this industry-leading hub allows us to provide you with quality beyond compare. Explore the capabilities that bring Britain's best SlatWall to life and set it apart.