About Us

Our Story

Adding another dimension to interiors is in our nature. Since our founders, John and Phil, established Naturewall in 2018, we've transformed residential and commercial spaces with contemporary wall panels that add impact beyond compare.

Based in Yorkshire, we're the largest SlatWall manufacturer in the UK, and we pride ourselves on our constantly evolving product offering, designed with a trend-driven and consumer-focused approach. Our craftspeople, customer service, commercial and creative teams work together across sites in Hull and Leeds to help you bring your dream interior to life.

Our Vision

Naturewall makes grand designs easily doable with wall panels that provide more. More intrigue. More depth. More drama. And, above all, more life.

From home renovations to commercial projects, our wall panels let you realise your vision effortlessly. We believe the installation process should be simple, so we develop our products to ensure they're quicker and easier to apply than traditional options like paint, wallpaper and tiles. All while adding visual and textural dimensions for striking interiors that appeal to the senses.

Our Values

Quality. Simplicity. Sustainability. Authenticity. These are the values we live and breathe. All our products are designed and hand-selected by us in the UK, with nature inspiring everything we do. We celebrate its beauty and simplicity in the look of our panels and respect its resources with carefully selected materials that support our efforts to be more sustainable.

By focusing on enduring design and premium quality, we create a culture of longevity for both the planet and your interior. Add another dimension with Naturewall.