Our Capabilities

Premium quality is in our nature. It's one of the core values that underpin everything we do. From the products we create to the service we provide, we're committed to bringing you only the best. Our capabilities go hand-in-hand with this promise. It's why we constantly invest in our panelling production. By manufacturing most of our products in-house in the UK, we can provide quality beyond compare while taking your walls to dimensions they've never been to, giving them more intrigue, depth and drama. And, above all, more life.

Made in Britain

Beverley in East Yorkshire is the base for our cutting-edge facilities. It's where our expert craftspeople use innovative machinery to make all our wood veneer and MDF panelling alongside artisanal products for bespoke projects. Moreover, we're the only UK SlatWall manufacturer, setting our panels apart from the rest. All combined, these capabilities have earned us accreditation by Made in Britain.

Bonding Line

Our bonding line is integral to making Britain's best SlatWall. It bonds the entire back length of each slat to the recycled felt using extra-strong adhesive, enhancing the panels' durability. This improved stability allows for sawing at any angle, so you can easily cut them to fit your wall's dimensions. It also means we can offer you even better quality and value, so you can be sure you're getting Britain's best SlatWall.

CNC Machine

Managed by a team of experts with decades of experience using CNC machinery, this production method is integral to our enhanced capabilities. It's the equipment we use to bring our paintable panelling to life, opening up a world of new dimensions for your interiors so you can decorate your walls your way.

Beam Saw

Our Beverley workshop is home to the 2nd-largest beam saw in the UK. This machine plays a key role in our panelling production; by cutting in-house, we can closely monitor quality, ensuring our high standards are always met. It also allows us to match production levels with rising demand, supporting our mission of becoming the number one global destination for decorative wall panels.