SlatWall Acoustic Deep Walnut

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Colour: Deep Walnut
Panel Size
Felt Colour

Create an inviting ambience

Elevate the elegance of your room with the rich tones of SlatWall Deep Walnut. This acoustic wall panelling is a sophisticated solution for your interior design projects.

Expertly made at our UK workshop, it features walnut wood veneer and MDF slats bonded to recycled felt with extra-strong adhesive, ensuring stability and long-lasting quality. We've also treated the slats with an oiled finish that nourishes the wood and emphasizes its natural grain. A dark-colored core adds extra depth to the slatted design. To enhance this effect, we recommend opting for the black felt backing. Alternatively, choose grey for a subtler, more understated look.

Furthermore, the materials and structure of this wall paneling offer excellent noise reduction. The 0.51in gap between each slat creates a space for sound waves to vibrate, and the dense felt absorbs them, resulting in a quieter environment.

The Naturewall Difference

Naturewall Others
Expertly crafted in the UK
Fully bonded with high-strength adhesive
Cut however you need
High-quality materials
Natural wood veneer
Smooth, sanded edges

Dimensions and Details

Panel Size (in) H94.49 x W23.62 x D0.83
Slat Size (in) H94.49 x W1.06 x D0.47
Felt Depth (in) 0.35
Felt Depth (in) 0.35
Panel Coverage (ft²) 4.72
Slats per panel 15
Panel Weight (lbs) 11 or 22
Composition Real wood walnut veneer, dark colored MDF core, recycled felt backing
Variation Moderate - Significant differences in color and grain pattern for a natural appearance



  • Walnut wood veneer with an oiled finish 
  • Black MDF core 
  • Recycled felt backing 
  • Suitable for residential and commercial use 
  • Install with screws or Hybrid Grab Adhesive 
  • Handcrafted in the UK  

How It's Made

Britain's best SlatWall is crafted at our specialist workshop in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Using high-strength adhesive, we bond the entire back length of the slats to the recycled felt, enhancing the stability, durability and longevity of your panelling.

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